The Effect of a DUI on a CDL in Wisconsin

The Effect of a DUI on a CDL in Wisconsin

A DUI conviction in Wisconsin will result in a minimum of one year disqualification of your CDL. Anyone who drives for a living nows how important maintaining a commercial drivers license (CDL) is. A CDL can be the means of your employment and your career. Losing your license or even a temporary disqualification will likely mean losing that employment, your job, and your career.

A First Offense DUI will lead to a One Year Disqualification of A CDL

Even if you were not operating a commercial motor vehicle, a first offense DUI conviction in Wisconsin will result in a one year disqualification. A disqualification is often devastating to your way of life. In addition to losing your CDL, you will be forced to pay higher insurance rates for the forceable future.

When a DUI conviction mean losing your way of life, you need an attorney who will fight for you. At Anderson & O’Connell, S.C. we are keenly aware of the consequences of a DUI conviction on a CDL holders because many of our clients have had that issue. In those situations we advise our clients based on our knowledge of the law and the impact a conviction will have.

A Second Offense DUI will Result in a Lifetime Disqualification of your CDL in Wisconsin

A conviction for a second offense DUI in Wisconsin will result in a lifetime disqualification. This disqualification will happen regardless of whether or not you were operating a commercial vehicle at the time. It also does not matter if you had your CDL when you received your first OWI. This is a serious matter and you can’t afford to just hire anyone. Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty, even in DUI cases.

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