Not Guilty Verdicts at Trial - 2nd Degree Sexual Assault and False Imprisonment!

11/18 – Dodge County – Our client was charged with 2nd degree sexual assault with use of force and false imprisonment. Needless to say a conviction would have had a devastating effect on our client and his family. Attorney Anderson and Attorney O’Connell teamed up and took the case to trial. After only two hours of deliberation, the jury returned NOT GUILTY verdicts on all counts!

Disorderly Conduct with use of a Dangerous Weapon Dismissed!

11/18 – Dane County – Occasionally we review cases where the charges are based on allegations that are clearly made up. In this case our client was charged with Disorderly Conduct with use of a Dangerous Weapon. The evidence and facts of the case contradicted the 911 call and allegations by the “victim”. Case was eventually dismissed after being set for trial.

Drug Charges Dismissed!

9/18 – Rock County – Sometimes just being in the wrong place at the wrong time can have devastating effects. Our client was charged with several drug charges after illegal drugs were located in his residence he shared with multiple other people. Through negotiations with the prosecutor, Attorney O’Connell was able to get all charges against his client dismissed.

2nd Offense DUI and Refusal Charges Dismissed!

9/18 – Dane County – Our client was arrested for a second offense DUI as well as a refusal charge. This was one of those cases where the client probably should not have been arrested. It was also a case were reviewing all police reports and videos pays off. The DUI was dismissed early on, but the prosecutor was refusing to dismiss the refusal charge. After successfully pointing out the issues with the case, specifically procedures that were not followed by law enforcement, Attorney Anderson obtained a dismissal of all charges.

Domestic Chargers Dismissed!

9/18 – Lafayette County – Our client was charged with Domestic Abuse Battery and Disorderly Conduct. He was also very adamant that he did not do what was alleged. After being offered a chance to participate in the deferred prosecution program – a program that would require him to do counseling – our client rejected that offer and we set the case for trial. A week before trial the domestic battery charge was dismissed for a plea to a disorderly conduct ordinance citation.

Another OWI Charge Dismissed!

9/18 – Dane County – Our client faced charges of Operating While Intoxicated as a second offense. He faced the loss of his license, requirement of an ignition interlock device, and jail time. At a time when the consequences are serious, you want an attorney that will review every piece of evidence available. Attorney O’Connell discovered discrepancies in the police officer’s report and what was captured on video. One such discrepancy was a violation of his client’s Miranda rights. After challenging this violation in court, the prosecutor dismissed the OWI charge.

Possession of Cocaine Dismissed!

9/18 – Dane County – After being pulled over for failing to wear a seatbelt, our client was arrested for two criminal drug charges -possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia. A close review of the stop reviewed that the arresting officer violated our clients Fourth Amendment rights by illegally extending the stop. Although we had a good argument, a complete win is never guaranteed. Our client agreed to plea to a paraphernalia citation, reduced from a criminal charge with a dismissal of the criminal possession of cocaine charge.

Significant Win on a Probation Revocation!

8/18 – Dane County – Beating a probation revocation is notoriously difficult. The Department of Correction has an extremely low burden when they choose to revoke a person’s probation.  Attorney O’Connell put his background as a probation agent to use to avoid his client being revoked. Attorney O’Connell argued that his client’s confrontation rights were violated by the probation agent relying solely on police reports. Ultimately, the judge agreed and the client avoided being sent to prison.

Class H Felony reduced to a Misdemeanor with No Jail Time or Probation!

8/18 – Dane County –  Cases are not always won through litigation. Occasionally a “win” can be obtained through aggressive negotiations and advocacy at sentencing. That was the case for a client who was facing felony theft by false representation charges. Attorney O’Connell was able to secure an amendment to to the felony charge bringing it down to a misdemeanor. At sentencing Atty. O’Connell successfully presented the case as one where the client did not need jail or even probation. Judge ordered just a fine for what was originally a Class H Felony.

Two of Three Criminal Charges Dismissed at Trial for Lack of Evidence!

8/18 – Jefferson County –  Client was facing three charges stemming from a series of incidents on one night. The prosecutor was not making any sort of decent offer to resolve the case, and more importantly, the client wanted a trial. Unfortunately not every case can be an all out win. However, Attorney Anderson was able to get two of the three charges dismissed at trial!

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Felony Bail Jumping Charge Dismissed at Trial!

6/18 – Walworth County –  Some times the prosecutor can be unreasonable in the offer to resolve the case as well as their confidence in proving it. In this case it was both. At the end of the state’s case, in the middle of trial, Attorney Anderson moved the court to dismiss the charge based on a lack of evidence. The court granted Atty. Anderson’s motion and dismissed the charge with prejudice!

Felony Child Abuse - Recklessly Causing Harm - Dismissed Days Before Trial

6/18 – Dane County –  Nobody wants a criminal conviction and nobody wants to admit to felony child abuse. This is absolutely true when you didn’t commit the alleged acts. Attorney Shaun O’Connell aggressively pursued the case by completing his own investigation. Attorney O’Connell was able to poke so many holes in the state’s case, that the prosecutor dismissed the charges days before trial.

Possession of Paraphernalia Dismissed!

6/18 – Green County – A good win does not have to be on a serious or big case. Our client was charged with possession of paraphernalia. Not the biggest deal, but a conviction could have consequences. Attorney Anderson was able to secure a dismissal on the possession of paraphernalia charge

Successful Sentence Modification Motion!

5/18 – Green County –  Client had been in prison for over 12 years for a Homicide by Intoxicated use of a Vehicle conviction. Because he had been sentenced under the old structure of sentencing in Wisconsin, he was facing a longer sentence than is now possible. With the help of Atty. O’Connell they successfully argued that his remaining prison time should be converted to extended supervision. the client was let out of prison in 30 days.

Not Guilty on 2nd Degree Sexual Assault at Trial!

5/18 – Dane County –  Our Client was charged with one count of felony 2nd degree sexual assault and five other misdemeanors. If he ended up convicted of the felony charge he would have likely gone to prison. The client was willing to plead to two of the misdemeanors as he admitted to committing those crimes. However, prosecutor was unwilling to dismiss the felony sexual assault and bail jumping charge. Attorney Shaun O’Connell took the case to trial. After two days of aggressively defending his client, the jury came back with a unanimous verdict of NOT GUILTY!

Public Fornication Charges Dismissed!

12/17 – Dane County –  Attorney O’Connell Successfully negotiated with the prosecutor to dismiss all charges. His client was charged with public fornication for allegedly engaging in a sex act with another person in a park. Attorney O’Connell sought out additional evidence that showed his client should have never been charged in the first place. The prosecutor agreed and dismissed all charges!

Reckless Homicide/ Delivery of Narcotics amended to Possession of Narcotics!

12/17 – Dane County – Client was charged with reckless homicide for allegedly delivering heroin to a lady who overdosed and died. These type of cases are commonly known as a Len Bias case. Attorney O’Connell advocated for his client and sought out flaws in the investigation. The prosecutor ultimately conceded that the State could not prove the client delivered narcotics to the deceased and amend the charge to a straight possession case. Client avoided years in prison and was sentenced to probation.

Possession of Cocaine Charge Dismissed!

12/17 – Dane County – Circumstantial evidence is certainly enough for the State to bring a charge and can lead to a conviction. However, in this case Attorney Anderson had a strong argument that the cocaine found under the passenger seat was not his client’s. This argument became even stronger when the owner/ driver of the vehicle was found with multiple items of paraphernalia and drugs. Charge was dismissed after pointing out the significant flaws in the State’s case.

Battery and Disorderly Conduct Charges Dismissed day of Trial!

11/17 – Dane County – Client had faced multiple allegations from the same lady on multiple occasions. He wasn’t going to plea to the charges and the State refused to make any decent offer to resolve the case. Attorney Anderson agreed to take the case to trial. The morning of trial the State moved to dismiss all charges because they could not prove their case.

OWI in Municipal Court Amended to a Reckless Driving!

11/17 – DeForest Municipal Court – Client was found parked on the side of the road when officers stopped him. After many negotiations and conversations with the city attorney, Attorney Anderson obtained an amendment to a Reckless driving.

Possession of Methamphetamine and Prescription Pills Dismissed!

11/17 – Dane County – Client was charged with possession both of methamphetamine and prescription pills. The methamphetamine charge was dismissed after subsequent testing showed the substance found was not methamphetamine. Attorney O’Connell successfully negotiated the dismissal of the remaining charge of illegally possessing prescription pills.

Harrassment Injunction Denied!

11/17 – Dane County – Client’s ex-girlfriend sought a harassment injunction against client. Attorney O’Connell successfully argued to the judge that the allegations from the ex-girlfriend were likely fabricated and did not meet the statutory requirements necessary to grant an injunction. The judge agreed and denied the injunction, case dismissed!

Theft Citation Dismissed in Municipal Court!

10/17 – Sun Prairie Municipal Court – An unfortunate misunderstanding left our client facing a theft citation. Attorney Anderson worked with the city attorney and his client to avoid a conviction.

Drunk Driving reduced to a Reckless Driving!

10/17 – Dane County – Client was arrested and charged with Operating While Intoxicated and Operating with a Prohibited Alcohol Concentration. Attorney O’Connell aggressively attacked the arresting officer’s reported observations of signs of impairment. The prosecutor conceded and reduced the charges to a reckless driving citation. Client kept his license and avoided a drunk driving conviction.

OWI 2nd and Possession of THC Dropped!

9/17 – Columbia County – Sometimes it is just to obvious that the officer did not have probable cause for an arrest. After filing a motion challenging the probable cause for arrest, Attorney Anderson was able to secure a dismissal on all charges. Client avoided mandatory jail time for her 2nd offense OWI charge.

Not Guilty at Trial!

8/17 – Dodge County – Husband and Wife both get charged with disorderly conduct after a fight with the in-laws. All our clients wanted was for the Husband’s charges to get dismissed. The Wife was willing to plea to the charge. The County attorney refused to dismiss the Husband’s charge. We went to trial and obtained a Not Guilty for the Husband. Yes the Wife was convicted, but that was expected.

6 Points Saved - Two Speeding Citations Amended!

7/17 – Brown County – Client picked up two speeding tickets in the same day. Unfortunately he was just a few points away from losing his license. Fortunately, he picked up these tickets in two different jurisdictions. We were able to get both citations reduced to a 2 point defective speedometer citations – saved 6 points on his license.

Theft Charge Dismissed Week Before Trial

03/21/17 – Sauk County – Being blamed for something you did not do is stressful. Being criminally charged and going to trial for something you did not do is even more stressful. When our client was accused of stealing two phones and was adamant  that he did not commit this crime, we went to bat for him. It took a little while, but his case was eventually dismissed!

Employer Let Employee Operate Commercial Vehicle w/o a License Dismissed

02/16/17 – Rock County – Client was charged with allowing his employee operate a commercial vehicle without a CDL license. This charge, if convicted, had a minimum fine of $2750 and up to 90 days in jail. This was a case where the employee definitely did not have a CDL, but the client definitely did not allow him to drive either. The employee took off from the job site after getting into an argument with another employee and crashed the dump truck. The key issue was whether the client had knowingly allowed the employee to drive. This was certainly a difficult thing for the state to prove, and we knew it. After setting the case for trial, the state dismissed all charges.

2nd Offense OWI Reduced to Reckless Driving

2/16/2017 – Dane County Circuit Court – Client was charged with a second offense OWI. The charge was related to medications that were found to be in the client’s system at the time of operation. After significant investigation and records request it was determined these medications were administered to the client while he was recently a patient at a hospital. Further discussions with the prosecutor lead to amending the 2nd offense OWI to a reckless driving citation.

Felon in Possession of a Firearm and Operate Vehicle w/o Consent-Passenger Dismissed

02/13/2017 – Dane County Circuit Court – Client was charged as a felon in possession of a handgun and operating a motor vehicle without owner’s consent as a passenger. The facts of the case did not seem to support the stolen vehicle charge, and the gun charge was questionable. DNA analysis was requested on the hand gun. Case was dismissed after the results were inconclusive.

Battery and Disorderly Conduct Charges Dismissed

12/01/2016 – Dane County Circuit Court – Client was offered a great deal to resolve the case. However, he admittedly denied committing the alleged acts. Attorney Anderson set the case for trial. At the day of trial, after the jury was picked, the State dismissed all charges against the client.

2007 Sentence Challenged and Reduced by 2 Years

10/11/2016 – Dane County Circuit Court – Client had been sentenced to a total of 6.5 years in Wisconsin State Prison in 2007. Due to additional sentences, client was still under supervision In 2016. The Department of Corrections was again in the process of revoking his extended supervision. He was facing 1.5 more years in prison. After discovering that the client was sentenced on bad information in 2007, Attorney Anderson moved the court for a sentence modification. Court granted the motion and deemed “time served” for the client.

Preliminary Hearing Win - Case Dismissed

8/01/16 – Jefferson County – Client was facing an Exposing Genitals/Pubic Area/Intimate Parts to a Child charge that would have put him on the sex offender registry. He adamantly denied this act and we believed him. We held the preliminary hearing and pointed out the missing facts to the court. The court say it our way and dismissed the case.

Conspiracy and Delivery of Cocaine Win

6/17/16 – Dane County – Client was on Extended Supervision when he picked up two very serious charges, Conspiracy to Deliver Cocaine and Manufacture/Delivery of 40+ grams of Cocaine. Client was facing 60+ years if convicted and revoked. After winning the revocation hearing, Attorney Anderson filed a few motions to dismiss and successfully negotiated a deal to plea to one count of misdemeanor possession. Client walked away with one year of probation.

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Felony OWI Reduced to a Reckless Driving

6/3/16 – Green County – Client was charged with a felony OWI, 6th offense. Attorney Anderson filed a Motion to Suppress  evidence based on an illegal seizure. Although he lost the motion to suppress, he successfully pointed out the holes in the States case. The next hearing the State moved to amend to a Reckless Driving Citation.

Probation Revocation Win

6/01/16 – Dane County – Client was placed on probation for a 1st degree reckless injury conviction, a Class D felony. After posting photos of himself holding a firearm, his agent attempted to revoke him. She wanted 4 years in prison. We held a revocation hearing to make the Department of Corrections prove it was an actual firearm. We won the hearing and client is scheduled to be released from probation in a few months.

Retail Theft Charges Dropped

5/11/16 – Sun Prairie – A couple was charged with two counts each for Retail Theft. Attorney Anderson successfully negotiated with the city and the retail establishment to find a resolution acceptable to everyone. The result, clients charges were dropped.

Disorderly Conduct Charge Dismissed at Pretrial Conference

5/07/16 – Dane County – Dane County seems to tac on a Disorderly Conduct charge to everything. Sometimes they try to charge an individual sole with Disorderly Conduct. However, prosecutors are not always unreasonable. The facts of the case was weak to say the least and at the pretrial conference Attorney Anderson persuaded the state to dismiss the charge.

Felony Identity Theft and Forgery Charges Dismissed

3/18/16 – Dodge County – Client had three open cases that included Felony Forgery and identity Theft Charges, Resisting and Obstructing and Bail Jumping. She work in the financial industry and a conviction for Forgery and Identity Theft would have a serious impact on her career. Additionally, the state want a fair amount of jail time. After getting the client in treatment and a significant amount of negotiations, the state dismissed the Forgery, ID Theft and Resisting charges. At sentencing on the bail jumping charge, Attorney Anderson successfully convinced the court to impose probation, not jail.

THC Possession - Deferred Prosecution Agreement

12/09/15 – Sauk County – Two clients were charged with possession of THC and drug paraphernalia. Both clients did not have a criminal record and were looking to keep it that way. Unfortunately the facts of their case did not present an opportunity to have the evidence against them suppressed. Attorney Anderson was able to negotiate with the prosecutor and secure a dismissal on the paraphernalia charges. He was further able to have his clients enter into a deferred prosecution agreement for the possession charge. Upon successful completion of the deferred prosecution agreement the possession of THC charges will be dismissed.pibus leo.

Charges Reduced to a Citation

Resisting and Obstructing an Officer

12/08/15 – Dane County – Client was facing a criminal charge of resisting and obstructing a police officer. After negotiations with the prosecutor in the case, charges were reduced to a citation.

No Process

2nd Degree Reckless Endangerment

12/08/15 – Dane County – Client was arrested for felony 2nd degree reckless endangerment. This is a felony charge and a conviction would certainly have serious consequences. After hearing the facts of the case and lack of evidence, Attorney Anderson took a proactive approach. Fortunately the police were still investigating the alleged act. After several conversations with the police department and the district attorney’s office, no charges were filed.

Reduced to a Citation

Obtaining Prescription Drugs by Fraud

11/17/15 – Dane County – Client was charged with obtaining prescription drugs by fraud. The evidence against the client was suspect to say the least and did not fit the initial charge. However, it was clear that something was going to be come of the charge. Attorney Anderson encouraged his client to complete a small amount of community service and he used that in his negotiations. The charge was reduced to a disorderly conduct citation resulting in no criminal charges.

Revocation Win

10/2015 – Dane County – Client was facing up to 29 years imprisonment in addition to revocation of his probation, which would have been an additional 2 years in prison. After a hard fought motion to keep other acts evidence from the jury, a plea offer was accepted limiting client’s exposure to 3.5 years. After pleading guilty to the reduced charges and being sentenced to 21 months, Attorney Anderson fought his client’s revocation and won.

OWI Reduced to an Absolute Sobriety Citation

10/13/15 – Town of Madison – Client was cited for first offense OWI, driving the wrong way on a highway, and open intoxicants. Attorney Anderson successfully had the OWI reduced to an Absolute Sobriety citation and a dismissal of the driving the wrong way citation.

First Offense OWI Reduced to a Reckless Driving Citation

10/13/15 – Village of Shorewood Hills – Client was found sleeping in his vehicle and was cited for a first offense OWI. Attorney Anderson filed a Motion to Suppress based on a lack of probable cause. Prior to the court hearing the motion, the city attorney offered to reduce the charge to a Reckless Driving citation. Client happily accepted.

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