Property crimes are just as they sound, crimes against someone else's property. There are a large range of charges from shoplifting to arson to bank robbery. Every property crime charge has the potential to carry significant penalties such as imprisonment and large fines. Whether you take, damage, destroy, or trespass on an individual's property without consent, you may be charged with one of Wisconsin's many property crimes. These crimes are defined under Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 943 "Crimes Against Property" and are divided into four subchapters.

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A conviction for a property crime will have a significant impact on your job and your career. Employers will look at your background and if they see a theft or forgery charge your prospects are not good. Defending against a property crime charge takes an attorney who knows the laws. Knowing what the state has to prove in these type of cases is important. Even when you admit to the charge, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help mitigate the penalties associated with a conviction. Do not get stuck with huge financial costs associated with a conviction. They may have been penalties you were able to avoid. Anderson & O'Connell, S.C. handles property crimes across Southern Wisconsin, we are Madison, WI Property Crime Attorneys.

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