If you have been charged with battery, theft, or possession of THC in Green County you need representation. Specifically, you need a Green County criminal defense attorney. If you were arrested in Monroe, Albany, New Glarus, or Brodhead, on criminal charges you will be required to appear at the Green County Circuit Court. You need the assistance of an aggressive criminal defense attorney to fight your charges.  At Anderson & O'Connell, S.C. we have the experience you need. No charge is too small or too serious, and any conviction will have serious consequences. From drug crimes to  domestic violence crime, we can be your advocate in Green County Circuit Court.

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Every charge requires an aggressive defense by a knowledgeable Green County Criminal Defense lawyer. This is especially true for felony charges. Defending yourself against an OWI or criminal charge is not recommended. A felony charge is no joke. There is a benefit in every case to having knowledgeable representation. Furthermore, pleading guilty or "no contest" without analyzing the case is a mistake.

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Green County OWI Defense

An arrest for an OWI in Monroe or Albany will result in your OWI case being heard in Green County Circuit Court. This is true for many cities and towns in Green County, WI. However, certain towns and cities in Green County have a Municipal court. For instance, if you were arrested in Brodhead, you may be required to appear at the Brodhead Municipal court. This is only true if you are charged with a first offense OWI or a civil forfeiture.  A second offense OWI and higher is a criminal offense and will be in the circuit court no matter what city you were arrested in.

A Green County drunk driving attorney can analyze your case and determine if there are any possible defenses. Every OWI after your first one will have a mandatory jail sentence if convicted. You need an attorney who can navigate Wisconsin law and OWI sentencing guidelines. The difference between a long jail sentence with huge fines, and avoiding a conviction all together is the attorney you hire. At a minimum, you know you are not getting stuck with a sentence that is longer and more costly than it should be.

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Anderson & O'Connell, S.C. provides an aggressive and affordable criminal defense to all of Green County. If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges we can be your advocate in court. We are dedicated to fighting for our clients and their rights. We always offer a free consultation so you know what to expect. Start your defense today!