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Facing a drunk driving charge in Dane County is a serious matter. Don’t get us wrong, you will get through this difficult time. However, your experience and anxiety levels through the court process and the end results will ultimately depend on the representation you receive. Having an experienced Dane County OWI attorney will help a great deal. Don’t make any decision with out first speaking to one of our drunk driving lawyers in Dane County. We have experience fighting these types of charges. We know what is required to obtain the best results.

Dane County DUI Defense

Whether you live in Madison, Fitchburg, Middleton or any other part of Dane County, Anderson & O’Connell, SC can defend you against an OWI related charge. From the Municipal Courts in Sun Prairie, Stoughton, McFarland, or DeForest to the Dane County Circuit Court in Madison, we know how to fight these charges. it is very important that you are represented by a criminal defense lawyer to assist you in fighting these charges. An experienced OWI defense attorney like Anderson & O’Connell, SC will fight for you, and your best interests. We are your drunk driving lawyer in Dane County.

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Fighting a first offense OWI in Dane County

A first offense OWI in Dane County can be in one of many Municipal Courts or at the Circuit Court. What court your case is in usually depends on what police department arrested you. Operating While Intoxicated is the same no matter what court you are in. The same aggressive OWI defense is required. However, there are some small procedural differences between Municipal and Circuit Courts.

Drunk driving charge in municipal court vs. circuit court

One difference is that in Municipal Court the judge determines if you are guilty or not. Because a first offense drunk driving charge is not a crime, you are not automatically entitled to a jury. In circuit court you may request that a jury hears your case. This request must be made with in 10 days of your initial appearance. Additionally, you must pay the $36 jury fee. You are automatically entitled to a jury with a second offense drunk driving or greater

Anderson & O’Connell, SC is your Dane County Drunk Driving Lawyer. We will be your zealous advocate in court. We will look at every aspect of your case. Drunk Driving charges require an aggressive OWI attorney and that is what we do. Contact us today to start your defense!

Drunk Driving Penalties in Dane County

Our job is to do everything we can to make sure you don’t have to worry about sentencing. If a conviction is unavoidable, we then aim to minimize your penalties. Ultimately we will make sure you receive a fair sentence. The maximum penalties for drunk driving in Dane County are the same as the rest of Wisconsin. What penalties you receive will be based on the OWI sentencing guidelines for District 5.  As experienced OWI attorneys in Dane County we know how to get results.  We will fight for you and your rights. Let us be your drunk driving lawyer in Dane County.

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Drunk Driving Lawyer in Dane County

Anderson & O'Connell, S.C. - Madison, WI Drunk Driving Defense

If you have been charged with a drunk driving offense in Dane County talk to an attorney who knows how to fight those charges. We take pride in fighting for our clients. Give us the opportunity to discuss your case and tell you what we can do for you. We always offer a free consultation. Contact us today to start your defense.

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