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Criminal Defense Attorneys David Anderson and Shaun O'Connell

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Facing a criminal charge is a stressful and serious situation. Finding the right criminal defense attorney can be stressful as well. We understand that. We also understand that it is during these times that you need someone who will fight for you. Anderson & O’Connell, SC will be your advocate when you need it the most. At Anderson & O’Connell, SC we take pride in fighting for our clients. We are your criminal defense attorneys.

  • I hired Mr. David Anderson to represent me in my case. His years of experience as a attorney helped me feel comfortable and confident that he was the attorney for my situation. Through out the whole process he kept me in the loop on what was going on, if I didn't understand something he break it down so that it was clear. I appreciate his hard work, time and effort on my case. I'm very satisfied with his work he did an amazing job and provided great quality service. I would personally use his services again and I recommend him to anyone in need of an more
    Mr.Demetrius Beasley
    16:38 22 Sep 17
    David Anderson is top notch! He works hard on your behalf and is compassionate and really LISTENS to what you are saying. Went in with 4 felony charges and came out with 3 misdemeanors that will be expunged after the 2 year probation period so it will be as though it never happened. IF YOU WANT JUSTICE AND WANT PROPER DEFENSE CHOOSE DAVID ANDERSON SERIOUSLY. He also is the only fairly priced attorney around and won't try to get over on you just because and will FIGHT FOR YOU UNTIL THE END. I and my family deeply thank you Mr. Anderson!-read more
    Bredell Mitchell
    22:59 22 Jun 17
    David is tremendous at what he does. I was dealing with an a couple minor speeding tickets in areas where they assess to many points. The process working with David could not have been easier, I literally sent him the citations, had a phone discussion with David, and he reported back with me via email and phone call on the progress. The results of his efforts cut my citation points and financial penalties in half! I could not recommend David any more for any legal more
    Derek Laczniak
    22:20 07 Oct 17
    David Anderson Law Office is AMAZING! Attorney, Shaun O'Connell, went out of his way to ensure the best outcome. I am forever in his debt.
    Kristine Moses
    02:39 30 Aug 17
    David Anderson was an amazing help to me in my Refusal/OWI charge! He immediately responded to my emails and continued to answer in a very timely manner with all of my many questions! He was able to help get my initial paperwork mistake dismissed and was extremely helpful in all aspects of the case. I believe he truly cares about you and your case, and works non stop to get a result! I really appreciated the answers to my million questions answered right away and he helped me feel at ease that my case was going in the best direction. David is very patient and a real person, which made him very easy to work with! His fees are by far the best around and he gives you as much as the high price Attorneys! His heart and soul are in to helping you and I am so glad that I reached out to him! I would recommend him to anyone seeking help in any situation! Thank you David Anderson!read more
    tami c
    03:26 17 Feb 17
    David was very thorough and communicated with me often during the entire process. He also explained the process to me, along with all my options and the possible results of my decisions. I would not hesitate to retain David again, or refer my friends to him.
    Art Webb
    15:39 05 Jul 17
    Mr. David Anderson recently represented me in my DUI(+) case. Throughout the whole process he kept me in the loop on what was going on, and fought hard for me. I couldn't be more satisfied with the work he did. He did an amazing job and provided great quality service. I would definitely refer this office to anyone looking for a lawyer.
    Patrick Matthews
    03:13 29 Jan 18
    I had a great experience with David Anderson and his staff. He walked me through the legal process very professionally and clearly. He took good care of me.
    David Moskoff
    16:10 03 Apr 18
    After seeing the end result with public defenders I sought personal representation, and David Anderson was a life raft in a sea of legality. Professional, friendly, and effective.
    scott meade
    15:51 23 Apr 18
    I was hit with an OWI as well as a possession of a firearm while intoxicated. Needless to say, I was scared beyond words - especially since I could have been facing jail time even though I had a valid conceal carry permit and had misunderstood the law when it came to gun possession while back in your car. I went online and saw the reviews Anderson and O'Connell and gave them a call. It was the best decision I made in a long time. Mr. Anderson and Sara Anderson were beyond professional, efficient, and friendly. They kept me updated on my legal case and documents. Mr. Anderson was able to help me avoid the ignition interlock for the OWI, and I avoided jail due to his efforts on the conceal carry issue. My friend and coworker also received an OWI recently and he went with another lawyer who charged him double the fees I paid. Not only that, but my friend is livid with the lack of professionalism and follow thru from his over-charging lawyer and said he wished he had gone with Anderson and O'Connell. I highly recommended Anderson and O'Connell. Hopefully I won't ever be needing their services again, but if you ever do, I suggest giving them a more
    Victor Prospect
    14:17 10 Jun 18

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Criminal Defense Attorney David K Anderson

Attorney David K Anderson

Contact Info

Office: 44 E. Mifflin St, Suite 801, Madison, WI 53703
Phone: 608-204-5807
Fax: 608-467-4185

Attorney David Anderson entered this profession with the goal of aggressively fighting and advocating for his clients. Prior to entering law school, David worked in the landscape construction industry. For many years he owned and operated Anderson Landscape Construction, LLC. Later, he joined forces with a lawn care company and helped build the landscape side of the business. Working with both his customers and employees he learned many valuable communication and problem solving skills. Today David uses many of those communication and problem solving skills in the court room to achieve the results his clients expect.

Attorney Anderson graduated from Marquette Law School in 2015. While at law school he focused on litigation and criminal defense. During his 3L year David worked at the Trail Division of the Milwaukee Public Defenders Office. Upon graduation Atty. Anderson opened David Anderson Law Office, S.C. There he focused strictly on criminal defense. In 2017 he partnered up with Attorney Shaun O’Connell. Since 2015 Attorney Anderson has been diligently representing individuals facing a variety of charges. He understands that the state will often over-prosecute and unfairly charge many otherwise good individuals. It is this understanding that drives Attorney Anderson to aggressively fight for his clients.

criminal defense attorney Shaun O'Connell

Attorney Shaun O'Connell

Contact Info

Office: 44 E. Mifflin St, Suite 801, Madison, WI 53703
Phone: 608-204-5807
Fax: 608-467-4185

Attorney Shaun O’Connell brings knowledge, experience, and compassion to every client he works with. Shaun has a diverse background that allows him to achieve the best results for his clients. Prior to attending law school, Shaun worked for the Department of Corrections as a Probation and Parole Agent. His main focus was to help individuals who had been through the criminal justice system.

Shaun earned his law degree from the University of Wisconsin Law School, graduating a semester early in 2014. While attending school, he worked at the Wisconsin Innocence Project. Shaun worked diligently to investigate and litigate claims of innocence from incarcerate individuals. After graduation, Shaun was hired by the Dane County District Attorney’s Office.

At the District Attorney’s Office, Shaun handled hundreds of cases. He started with a general caseload, but was quickly appointed to the position of traffic safety prosecutor where he handled everything from simple traffic violations to vehicular homicides. Shaun is back doing what he loves to do, fighting for his clients, just as he did at the Wisconsin Innocence Project. He now focuses his legal services solely on helping people charged with criminal or traffic violations.

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