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A criminal charge of any sorts needs to be taken seriously. No charge is to small to blow off or handle yourself. You need to take it seriously and speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Come talk to the criminal defense attorneys at Anderson & O’Connell, SC. We take pride in protecting the rights of our clients and providing them with the aggressive, yet affordable criminal defense they expect. Anderson & O’Connell, SC knows the system and how to navigate through complex laws and defenses. We can be your advocate in court when you need one the most.

  • I hired Mr. David Anderson to represent me in my case. His years of experience as a attorney helped me feel comfortable and confident that he was the attorney for my situation. Through out the whole process he kept me in the loop on what was going on, if I didn't understand something he break it down so that it was clear. I appreciate his hard work, time and effort on my case. I'm very satisfied with his work he did an amazing job and provided great quality service. I would personally use his services again and I recommend him to anyone in need of an more
    Mr.Demetrius Beasley
    16:38 22 Sep 17
    David Anderson is top notch! He works hard on your behalf and is compassionate and really LISTENS to what you are saying. Went in with 4 felony charges and came out with 3 misdemeanors that will be expunged after the 2 year probation period so it will be as though it never happened. IF YOU WANT JUSTICE AND WANT PROPER DEFENSE CHOOSE DAVID ANDERSON SERIOUSLY. He also is the only fairly priced attorney around and won't try to get over on you just because and will FIGHT FOR YOU UNTIL THE END. I and my family deeply thank you Mr. Anderson!-read more
    Bredell Mitchell
    22:59 22 Jun 17
    David is tremendous at what he does. I was dealing with an a couple minor speeding tickets in areas where they assess to many points. The process working with David could not have been easier, I literally sent him the citations, had a phone discussion with David, and he reported back with me via email and phone call on the progress. The results of his efforts cut my citation points and financial penalties in half! I could not recommend David any more for any legal more
    Derek Laczniak
    22:20 07 Oct 17
    David Anderson Law Office is AMAZING! Attorney, Shaun O'Connell, went out of his way to ensure the best outcome. I am forever in his debt.
    Kristine Moses
    02:39 30 Aug 17
    David Anderson was an amazing help to me in my Refusal/OWI charge! He immediately responded to my emails and continued to answer in a very timely manner with all of my many questions! He was able to help get my initial paperwork mistake dismissed and was extremely helpful in all aspects of the case. I believe he truly cares about you and your case, and works non stop to get a result! I really appreciated the answers to my million questions answered right away and he helped me feel at ease that my case was going in the best direction. David is very patient and a real person, which made him very easy to work with! His fees are by far the best around and he gives you as much as the high price Attorneys! His heart and soul are in to helping you and I am so glad that I reached out to him! I would recommend him to anyone seeking help in any situation! Thank you David Anderson!read more
    tami c
    03:26 17 Feb 17
    David was very thorough and communicated with me often during the entire process. He also explained the process to me, along with all my options and the possible results of my decisions. I would not hesitate to retain David again, or refer my friends to more
    Art Webb
    15:39 05 Jul 17
    Mr. David Anderson recently represented me in my DUI(+) case. Throughout the whole process he kept me in the loop on what was going on, and fought hard for me. I couldn't be more satisfied with the work he did. He did an amazing job and provided great quality service. I would definitely refer this office to anyone looking for a more
    Patrick Matthews
    03:13 29 Jan 18
    I had a great experience with David Anderson and his staff. He walked me through the legal process very professionally and clearly. He took good care of more
    David Moskoff
    16:10 03 Apr 18

Aggressive Criminal Defense

When you need an aggressive defense, we are your aggressive criminal defense attorneys. We take your case very seriously and we are dedicated to providing the most aggressive defense possible. We will aggressively fight for you and your case. Whether you are facing a battery charge or possession with intent, no case is to small or to large. We take the same approach to every case we take. At Anderson & O’Connell, SC an aggressive criminal defense is what we do.

An aggressive criminal defense means that when it comes time for trial, we will be prepared. We will know your case inside and out. We will know what defenses are available and the right strategy to present those defenses. Often criminal cases end up resolving prior to trial. Many times that is where an aggressive criminal defense is the most important. Prosecutors know an attorney’s reputation for aggressively represents their clients. If the prosecutors knows that we are prepared for trial, a better offer to resolve the case is usually made.

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges you need an attorney. We welcome your call and we will answer your questions. Let us take the stress off your shoulders. When you hire Anderson & O’Connell, SC you will know your case is getting the most aggressive criminal defense possible. Contact us today to start your defense!

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Affordable Criminal Defense

One of the first questions when deciding to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney is how much will it cost? At Anderson & O’Connell, SC we understand that individuals charged with a crime often have not budgeted for the expense of hiring a criminal defense attorney. Paying legal fees can take a toll on your finances and your life. However, the costs of a criminal conviction will be much more serious.

We take the approach of charging a fee that is affordable and workable for you. In some instances we are willing to set up a payment plan so you are able to get the defense you need. Our primary focus is your defense, and that should be your focus as well. A legal fee that is affordable to you allows us to keep that focus.

Every case is different and the cost of retaining a lawyer will very depending on your specific facts and circumstances. Contact us today so we can discuss your case. We will let you know what we can do for you and what you can expect. We always offer a free consultation.

Anderson & O’Connell, SC is your aggressive and affordable criminal defense attorneys.

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Quality Legal Advice

At Anderson & O’Connell, SC we are focused on building strong attorney-client relationships. We work hard to communicate clearly with our clients so they never feel confused or uncertain about their defense. The criminal justice process is complex and can be very confusing for anyone facing charges. Maintaining communication can help alleviate much of the confusion and anxiety. You need a criminal defense attorney who will listen and communicate with you.

Anderson & O’Connell, SC specializes in criminal defense. In fact that’s all we do. This means all our energy and knowledge goes into fighting our client’s criminal charges. Whether you are charged on a state level or a facing federal charges, we have the experience you are looking for. Our clients are our main priority. Often when a potential client contacts us they are at a difficult time in their life. We understand that. Criminal charges are a serious and nerve recking event. Our clients expect high quality service and the best possible results. They know that we do everything we can to deliver the service and results they expect.

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What We Can Do For You

Defend against a Drunk Driving Charge

An OWI is Wisconsin’s drunk driving charge. An OWI, or Operating While Intoxicated, is a serious offense and a conviction will have significant consequences. Finding an attorney to represent you is an important step in fighting these charges. We have represented countless individuals is cases across Wisconsin. Whether it is a first offense OWI in Municipal Court or a seventh offense felony OWI in Circuit Court we understand how to defend against these charges. Not every drunk driving charge requires the same defense. With that is mind we will analyze your case and present the appropriate defense. We have helped our clients resolve many OWI cases to their satisfaction. If you have a defense to your OWI, we will find it. As experienced criminal defense attorneys we have the knowledge required to defend against drunk driving charges.

A Criminal Defense Tailored to Your Expectations

One of the first things we will ask you when you speak with us about your case is what are your expectations. Knowing the direction you expect is a necessary part of crafting a defense tailored to your needs. We are strongly believe that every case can be defended against one way or another. However, we are also mindful that many cases need to be resolved short of trial to ensure the expected result. We will analyze your case and give you our honest assessment of where we think your case is headed. Remember that you are in control of your case. We are here to advise you and we are here to fight for you!

Defending against Misdemeanor Charges

A misdemeanor charge is a serious and stressful matter. Do not think that just because it is a misdemeanor, instead of a felony, that a conviction will not have significant consequences. Misdemeanor convictions can be punishable up to a year in jail, a $10,000 fine, lose of driving privileges and in some cases a prohibition from ever possessing a firearm. Furthermore, the collateral consequences of a conviction can have an effect on your family and career.

We have successfully acted and defended numerous misdemeanor cases. We know that every criminal charge is a serious matter that deserves attention. We will work with you to determine what the best resolution is and will fight to obtain that result. We have a solid understanding of the law and procedures needed to achieve the best results.

Fighting a Felony Charge

The first step in preparing a successful defense strategy is understanding what is at stake with a felony conviction. Part of our job as criminal defense attorneys is to inform our clients of the potential penalties associated with their case. It is also our job to provide guidance on any legal issues. Having a clear objective and understanding helps in crafting the best defense strategy.

Whether we are fighting for a dismissal, not guilty verdict, or mitigating the penalties will depend on the goals and facts of the case. We will explore every possible defense and consult with you on the direction we take. Taking that defense strategy and aggressively applying it will help ensure the best outcome. As with any criminal conviction a felony conviction can be detrimental. We will fight your felony charge.

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We represent individuals charged with violating Wisconsin and Federal Law, from local municipal courts to federal court. A few of the courthouses are listed below with links to helpful information. If you are seeking a criminal defense attorney in a county or jurisdiction not listed above, do not worry, chances are we can represent you.

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